Chadly Bulldogs - About Us
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We got our first Bulldog 13 years ago and have been breeding for 12 years. After all these years, we still have a love for our breed that is undescribeable. Bulldogs are clowns and the most loyal of pets. They are such fun to have in our life.

Our Champion bloodlines range from Cherokee & Little Ponds to Comepatabull lines from Canada.

  • We strive for the healthiest puppies while keeing to the standard put forth by the Bulldog Club of America.
  • We have been members of this organization for many years. Our puppies are well socialized in our home both with other puppies, children and adults. A well-rounded start is the best beginning for any puppy.
  • We welcome visites from perspetive buyers to see where the puppies and our adult Bulldogs are raised and cared for. Of course they are inside with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.
  • We are always available for questions from new Bulldog owners. It is very important for us to know that Bulldogs are cared for correctly. We are glad to offer help and advice for any Bulldog owner!
  • We always recommend to a perspective owner to research any breed you are considering as an addition to your family. Here are a few points to know:
    • While Bulldogs are funny, loving and loyal, they are inside dogs and not meant to be left outside for long┬áperiods of time.
    • The most important fact is to know that they DO NOT tolerate heat well.
    • They should never be left unattended outside because they can be targets of theft.
    • They can be stubborn and strong willed but still eager to please.
    • As they get older, you find that they just want to lie around and sleep!
  • Puppies are easy to train if you are consistent in your efforts.
  • Our bulldogs are bred by artificlal insemination and born by C-section. This is for the best health of both male and female.